Wizetrade <sup>®</sup>

Wizetrade® software is the only real-time stock trend recognition software that’s as easy as red light-green light! It helps you select entry/exit points and powerfully searches for appropriate trading candidates! PLUS, you can submit trades right on the spot and execute real-time and paper trades with this revolutionary software!

The price of a stock depends heavily on the demand for it in the market. When there is high demand for a particular stock its price will tend to rise. On the other hand, if there is little interest in that stock its price will usually fall. Wizetrade is a trend recognition software program that displays supply and demand pressures on shares in real time and presents the results in easy to read charts. The red and green lights suggest favorable trading candidates as well as ideal entry and exit points.



The future of trading has arrived with our new CommandTRADE® software, a revolutionary automated trading platform designed for individual investors to use in conjunction with their integrated broker. Define the perfect trade… find the perfect trade… and make the perfect trade, according to your specifications—all while you are away from your computer!
With CommandTRADE, you can turn on the automatic trade feature and select built-in investment strategies or download strategies from our Web Community. You can backtest your strategies against historical data and continually scout the stock market for new opportunities with the built-in automated scanner. Put your trading portfolio on auto-pilot while you enjoy the fruits of your trading success.


 Wizetrade for Options
Wizetrade for Options<sup>™</sup>

Wizetrade for Options software revolutionizes the way that traders trade options as it incorporates simple, plain language training. It also helps to eliminate the guesswork and complicated math involved in selecting a trade-worthy option. You will see at a glance which options are suitable candidates to trade depending on your risk tolerance.

When clear trends in the stock market are hard to spot, experienced traders turn to options as a way of hedging their bets in uncertain times. Options are a great way to increase the leverage in trading accounts. In putting up a fraction of the funds to control the same amount of stock — whether the shares are purchased outright or with margin — options have a clear advantage.

Options offer greater “bang for the buck” over a portfolio laden with traditionally purchased equities, yet also manages your downside exposure. With Wizetrade for Options, buying options (puts or calls) on a particular stock gives you unlimited profit potential and limits risk without the obligation to buy or sell the underlying stock.


 4X Made Easy®
4X Made Easy<sup>®</sup>

4X Made Easy® software connects and empowers you with the latest technological tools to conduct online, real-time currency price “trending” analysis ...virtually instantly.
In the (spot) FOREX market, there are no exchange floors like there are in the stock markets. Every transaction is completed over a massive computer network.

The foreign currency market is the largest financial market in the world. Every day nearly $2 trillion in currency is traded through the (spot) foreign exchange market. Until recently, this market was dominated by large international banks who only allowed trading access via telephone trading to a select few major corporations, large funds, and high net-worth individuals. 4X Made Easy brings real-time analysis of the buying and selling pressure affecting currency pairs to you, the individual investor.


 Commodity Explorer
Commodity Explorer<sup>™</sup>

Commodities are tangible items that have real value... and we deal with them every day. But they also can be financial futures, such as the Interest Rates and the widely followed Stock Indicies (Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq). These electronically traded contracts have revolutionized the commodities markets and change the way the world trades. Commodity Explorer provides a real-time means of analyzing the trend in 24 different commodities, based upon what really drives the price - SUPPLY and DEMAND pressures.


 GlobalTec Training Institute
GlobalTec Training Institute

Dedicated to the individual investor, Global Training Institute offers courses designed to help you become proficient in a variety of markets, using the very latest in investing software, backed by a depth of instructor experience and continuing real-time support—all focused on enabling you to trade the markets knowledgeably and confidently to achieve your financial goals.


 GlobalTec Talk
GlobalTec Talk™

GlobalTec Talk™ allows members of the GlobalTec™ network to share their expertise. We also spotlight users of  WIZETRADE, CommandTRADE, 4X Made Easy, Options Made Easy and Commodities Made Easy and read about their specific methods and experiences. All editions are distributed via email each month.

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