Based in Dallas, Texas, the 130+ employees and principals of GlobalTec Solutions™ are dedicated and driven to leveling the playing field for the individual investor. Whether it’s Stocks, Options, (spot) FOREX or Commodities; GlobalTec™ develops user-friendly, state-of-the-art software and training programs that set industry benchmarks.

Behind the Scenes at GlobalTec Solutions™

Today, tens of thousands of traders from all walks of life and all corners of the globe trade daily with the many products and services offered exclusively by GlobalTec™.  Among these are proprietary trend-recognition software, training classes, daily market open-to-close online training broadcasts, in-home training programs as well as extensive customer support, technical support and ongoing mentoring services.
Our company motto is vibrantly felt along the halls of GlobalTec™ offices where all employees enthusiastically recognize “Our Customers’ Success Guarantees our Success.”
The NEW WIZETRADE™ 7.0. is the only real-time stock trend recognition software that’s as easy as red light-green light! It helps you select entry/exit points and powerfully searches for most active stocks! PLUS, you can submit trades right on the spot and execute real-time and non real-time paper trades with this revolutionary software!
4X Made Easy® connects and empowers you with the the latest technological tools to conduct online, real-time currency price "trending" analysis ...virtually instantly.
Options Made Easy® software revolutionizes the way that traders trade options as it incorporates simple, plain language training and the software eliminates the guess work and complicated math – You will see at a glance which option is the best to trade depending on your risk tolerance.

Commodities Made Easy™ is a revolutionary software program and training system designed for new and experienced traders with a unique user friendly process that provides an easy to learn program to trade commodity futures. Once proficient, you can in a few minutes quickly analyze the trend in over 24 different commodities, based upon what really drives the price - SUPPLY and DEMAND pressures.

Wizefinder® searches all U.S. and Canadian exchanges to quickly find stocks that meet the criteria you select, whether those are the criteria preset by Wizefinder™ or the ones you set to match your trading style. Stock picking has never been so easy. Novice, Technical and Fundamental traders have everything at their fingertips to quickly identify stock trading candidates that meet their criteria.
OptionHunter™ is an amazing new software program that truly takes the guess work out of options trading. In a matter of seconds you can locate the perfect stock option strategies to maximize your trading potential. You no longer have to spend countless hours mulling over which stocks and option strategies that will best fit your personal trading objectives. Click on the OptionHunter tab

4XTracker™ is a dynamic program that allows foreign currency traders the ability to quickly view the trading trends of 17 currency pairs. Pre-defined and customized trading strategies provide the ability to easily recognize potential trading opportunities with just a click of the mouse. This real-time streaming data program is one of a kind and is designed for all types of forex spot traders. Click on the 4XTracker™ tab


Wizefeed™ is a third-party Level I datafeed used to power WIZETRADE™. Click on the Wizefeed™ tab


4Xfeed™ is a third-party Level I datafeed used to power 4X Made Easy™. Click on the 4Xfeed™ tab


Optionsfeed™ is a third-party Level I datafeed used to power Options Made Easy®. Click on the Optionsfeed tab


CommoditiesFeed™ is a third-party Level I datafeed used to power Commodities Made Easy™. Click on the CommoditiesFeed tab

Imagine executing a trade with another investor without the middleman in milliseconds. Do it NOW with LiquidTrader™! This incredible software makes it possible by directly connecting to the major markets and ECNs. It also offers broker/dealers a state of the art administrative application. The LiquidTrader™ Electronic Direct Access Trading System is extremely reliable, scalable and fault tolerant. Start executing your own orders with LiquidTrader™.
GlobalTec Talk™ allows members of the GlobalTec Solutions network to share their expertise. We also spotlight users of  WIZETRADE™, 4X Made Easy™, and Options Made Easy™ and read about their specific methods and experiences. All editions are distributed via email on the 1st and 15th of each month.
Sparky’s Kids is dedicated to providing high quality computers and professional training to individual children so that the quality of their education and inter-personal skills can be maximized. Sparky’s Kids qualifies all recipients and utilizes a learn and earn incentive program for each computer that is placed in the

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